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At the beginning of this year, it seemed to us that smartphone manufacturers will not surprise us any more, but they once again managed to turn the notion of their favorite gadget

Mostly, they worked on two issues – the transition to full screen models and the development of artificial intelligence, writes Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian .

In particular, the Samsung Galaxy S8 novelty presented in spring had a minimized front panel and, correspondingly, a much larger screen with the same size of the device itself.

Trend supported in Apple, releasing in November full-screen iPhone X. Although the screen is recognized as the most perfect in the history of the brand, the experience of cloudless can not be called. After all, as the tests showed, the device is, however, the easiest to break.

Despite justified fears, experts predict full screen long future. Like, next year the demand for such models will increase significantly, which means that the novelties-2018 will also work on a full screen.


A much more interesting trend is the use of artificial intelligence.

The head of the research department of the Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor Tel Sandberg claims that in 2018 machine learning will continue to develop when machines form the algorithms of action, based on their own experience. Next year, artificial intelligence will analyze giant data sets that will affect a wide range of topics from health care to energy, the Channel News Asia researcher quotes. It would be appropriate to talk about the intellect of version 2.0.

In addition, according to Sandberg forecasts, the use of artificial intelligence will cease to be the prerogative of Internet giants, and in the smartphone market in general will become a condition for survival.

“We come to a point where the quality of the photos is already so good that the buyer starts to focus on additional options,” – said Google vice president Mario Kueiroz.

It is logical that now the primary task of manufacturers is to make gadgets faster and smarter.

For example, one of the simplest technologies that is being actively developed now is “smart” word selection. In particular, companies plan to offer variants of meanings when typing text. And not by the already existing principle of T9, but by the logic of machine intelligence. So, if most often the word “palace” is combined with “Buckingham”, or the user is in the immediate vicinity of the building, after entering the first word, the smartphone should logically offer him a second one.

With the appropriate settings – for example, immediately redirect the user to the account of Buckingham Palace in the social network.

The cardinal innovation is that it will not be Google or another server, as before, but, in fact, the “intellect” of the device itself. So, you can receive the necessary information and prompts without access to the Internet. That is faster and safer, because personal data does not go beyond the operating system of the smartphone.

“Speed ​​is the determining factor, but confidentiality is also important, we need to work on increasing the list of opportunities that can be realized exclusively on the device,” says Kuyroz.

As an example, the Now Playing option is displayed on the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. So, the program operates on its own database, which allows you to find the selected melody, and Google uses the search engine only if the user needs more information about the song.

By the way, artificial intelligence can even make a perfect photo. In particular, a subsidiary of Huawei Honor in December released a smartphone Honor View 10, said The Verge . The artificial intelligence of the device “works” with the scenery in which the user wants to be photographed. In particular, he himself “directs” the ideal frame.

Another popular technology is animated smileys. The device tracks the expression of a person’s face in various circumstances, and then creates a cartoon character with a similar facial expression. Option, previously presented in the new iPhone is available in Honor View 10.

Flirting with fans of toys and social networks is not the only thing. According to the forecasts of the research and consulting company Gartner , smartphones will turn into serious tools and even supplant human labor.

In particular, applications can partially replace nurses in a hospital, PCmag accentuates. If earlier the machines only helped to make an appointment and systematize the data, now applications are being designed that determine the patient’s condition and give recommendations.

For the work of artificial intelligence use special chips, which have already released Google, Huawei and Apple.

Also artificial intelligence can make all processes easier and faster in performance, experts predict that the batteries will keep the charge much longer.

There are less unequivocal predictions. In particular, according to analysts TheNextWeb Android, which holds more than 84% of the market, will retain, and possibly strengthen the position. In turn, competition with IOS will traditionally continue to accelerate the development of both systems. In particular, after Apple, other companies have begun to introduce pleasant technologies like wireless charging and water resistance.

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