Apple is planning to introduce an iPhone with a huge diagonal

Looking forward to the presentation of new models of iPhone smartphones this fall? Well, it looks like Apple plans to please everyone without exception, by presenting several models of gadgets. According to rumors, the company from Cupertino is going to announce three devices, one of which will be a smartphone with the largest diagonal in the history of the iPhone – 6.5 inches. The second device will be an improved iPhone X, and the third – a budget smartphone with some features of the iPhone X.

In 2017, Apple introduced to us a regular upgrade of the standard line of smartphones iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, as well as a deluxe frameless device called the iPhone X. Despite a number of innovative features, which was allocated to the jubilee model of the smartphone, Apple’s management remained disappointed with its sales. It’s not surprising, with the cost of the device starting from $ 999, and a number of problems with hardware, it was quite expected.

iPhone with a huge diagonal

For the last quarter of fiscal year 2017 (which closes in March 2018), the company managed to sell 77.3 million smartphones, which is 1% less than in the same period a year earlier. Despite declining sales, the increased cost of gadgets brought Apple 13% more profit than last year. To date, according to Strategy Analytics, the company owns 51% of the total smartphone market, and this result can be considered truly outstanding.

All three new Apple smartphones will run under the iOS 12. And they will definitely support the augmented reality features thanks to the Apple ARKit platform. Also, the new version of the operating system will be able to boast an even deeper integration of Siri’s voice assistant and new functions for monitoring the health of the owner of the smartphone. The largest model iPhone is code-named D33 (according to information that fell into the hands of Bloomberg journalists) and is aimed at those users who prefer to work in multi-window mode on one screen.

Despite the high cost of OLED-displays , Apple does not intend to completely abandon their use in their smartphones. They allow you to achieve better resolution, as well as reduced power consumption, which is very important for the company. Of course, the face ID system, which was first introduced last year, will not disappear anywhere. The company’s new 6.5-inch smartphone will be able to compete with similar fabrics from other manufacturers, for example, with Galaxy S9 Plus (6.2 inches) or with Galaxy S8 Note (6.3 inches). The budgetary model of the iPhone will differ from the iPhone X only by a cheaper display performed on a different technology. It will be interesting how much it will cost in the end. It remains only to wait for the official presentation and learn everything first-hand.

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