The Most Expensive Guitars in the World

Collectible thing, by definition – is something that is in demand among collectors. In the case of collectible guitars, the exact same situation.

Collection guitars are in demand because of their quality, beauty and usefulness. It is imperative for them to provide a long-term good “service” with reasonable care. There are French, Italian and German guitars, which today are more than 200 years old, but since they are practically impossible to play, they often bring less revenue than the tools that were made later. Read More

Apple is planning to introduce an iPhone with a huge diagonal

Looking forward to the presentation of new models of iPhone smartphones this fall? Well, it looks like Apple plans to please everyone without exception, by presenting several models of gadgets. According to rumors, the company from Cupertino is going to announce three devices, one of which will be a smartphone with the largest diagonal in the history of the iPhone – 6.5 inches. The second device will be an improved iPhone X, and the third – a budget smartphone with some features of the iPhone X. Read More

Hottest Gadget Trends

At the beginning of this year, it seemed to us that smartphone manufacturers will not surprise us any more, but they once again managed to turn the notion of their favorite gadget

Mostly, they worked on two issues – the transition to full screen models and the development of artificial intelligence, writes Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian .

In particular, the Samsung Galaxy S8 novelty presented in spring had a minimized front panel and, correspondingly, a much larger screen with the same size of the device itself.

Trend supported in Apple, releasing in November full-screen iPhone X. Although the screen is recognized as the most perfect in the history of the brand, the experience of cloudless can not be called. After all, as the tests showed, the device is, however, the easiest to break. Read More